About Life Coach for Men

So what makes me qualified to work as a life coach?

That’s a good question.

I am 57 years old and like many people I have had to deal with difficult issues in my own life – I lost my father to early onset dementia (diagnosed at 55, dead at 66), I was divorced after a 13 year marriage and for many years I wrestled with alcohol dependence and eventually ended up a full blown alcoholic.

I have got through all of this and what makes it relevant to life coaching is that I know that life can be messy and often seem unfair. My experiences mean that I can empathise with anyone having a tough time but also I won’t judge – nobody is free of faults and I know that all too well. Having worked through some of my issues I suspect that it puts me in a good position to help you with yours.

Do I have any relevant experience that would help me to be of service to you?

Another good question. For nearly 4 years now I was a listening volunteer with a leading UK charity that helps people deal with everything from loneliness to suicidal thoughts and everything in between. This involved over 30 hours of training together with annual ongoing training.

The relevance to my work as a life coach is this – a lot of the time when I took a phone call from a member of the public what I tried to do is understand where they were now, what issues they were facing and where they would like to be. A lot of this revolves around understanding and picking apart such concepts as the narratives we’re exposed to, our expectations of and for ourselves. Another key aspect can be the locus of control which is the degree to which we feel we are in control of our own lives.

I’m well aware of the fact that I could easily be some kind of snake oil salesman, an imposter without a clue. This is why all potential clients have a free phone/Skype call with me where you can ask me any question you like. I want you to feel confident that I am competent and able to help you with compassion, honesty and professionalism.

So do I have my own act together?

I think I do. In 2013 I was a full blown alcoholic. It was the year I stopped drinking and since then I’ve done some pretty remarkable things. I ran my first half marathon, my first marathon and my first ultra. I ran 81 miles in 3 days for charity at the age of 52 and also did a 450 mile solo charity walk. I’ve also donated a kidney to a stranger and taken up mountainbiking, kayaking and snowboarding. Like everyone my life isn’t perfect and there are always things I’m trying to do better because we are all a work in progress. However, I do feel that I am in control of my life and that’s a good place to be.