Welcome to Life Coach for Men

For nearly four years I was a listening volunteer with a leading UK national charity that helped people deal with everything from loneliness to suicidal thoughts and everything in between. This involved over 30 hours of training together with annual ongoing training. I also acted as a mentor helping newly trained volunteers to become fully operational ready to work solo.

The relevance to my work as a life coach is this – a lot of the time when I took a phone call from a member of the public what I tried to do is understand where they were now, what issues they were facing and where they would like to be. A lot of this revolves around understanding and picking apart such concepts as the narratives we’re exposed to and our expectations of and for ourselves.

I have also read widely particularly in such subject areas as psychology, evolutionary psychology and gender dynamics.

If you think that I might be of help then you can contact me directly by email: edenbreckhouse@aol.co.uk